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We are passionate about artistic photography.

Artistic photography is all about conveying an idea, emotion, or message to the viewer. While you can take a photograph of any beautiful scene, it cannot be considered “artistic photography” unless the photographer applies their own viewpoint to it for the sake of relaying a message to those who view it. Artistic photography prints are generally inherently beautiful, a pleasure to look it, and they make excellent decorations for any space.

Artistic Photography in Ottawa, Ontario

At Wild Meadow Studio, we produce artistic photography prints that can be purchased in the form of art cards, stock photography or prints. Our founder and photographer, Beth de Verteuil, fell in love with the Ottawa, Ontario area after moving here as a teenager and has a passion for photographing the picturesque countryside that surrounds this area of the world. Our artistic photography prints include over 500 photos of the countryside, historic downtown Ottawa, the animal kingdom, nature’s beautiful gardens, and architecture from many different places around the world.

Artistic photography is our passion here at Wild Meadow Studio, and we are eager to introduce you to our collections of stunning photographs. If you would like to know more about our ordering process, please feel free to contact us directly.

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